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AuraSense Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing first-in-class therapies based on Spherical Nucleic Acid (SNA™) gene regulation strategies. AST is leading the translation of SNA constructs as innovative medicines with a core focus on debilitating diseases with limited or no treatment options. AuraSense Therapeutics' uniquely engineered SNA™ constructs possess unparalleled biocompatibility and versatility as therapeutics. They hold great promise for combating the most threatening diseases, including heart disease, cancer, skin conditions and bacterial infection.

SNA™ constructs overcome one of the most difficult obstacles to gene regulation:  safe and effective delivery into cells and tissues.  SNA™ constructs exhibit high stability, high binding specificity, and unparalleled transfection efficiency into numerous cell and tissue types.  Needing no carriers or transfection agents, they provoke minimal immune response and no known toxicity.

SNA™ technology originated in the lab of Professor Chad A. Mirkin at the Northwestern University International Institute for Nanotechnology.  The Company's scientific founders and their developments have been the subject of over 80 national and international awards, over 550 publications, and over 930 patents and application (241 issued). AuraSense Therapeutics is a subsidiary of AuraSense, LLC.

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